A Backstage peek at The Thrilling Adventure Hour

With any performances I've been part of, the goings-on of the backstage was as interesting, if not more so, than what was happening on-stage. A performance of The Thrilling Adventure Hour is no different. The TAH backstage is full of people whose job is to be interesting and funny. The energy of the cacophony of multiple conversations of these said people accompanied by the band running through a number or random scales played by an instrumentalist is always exciting because it is this energy that will coalesce into the performance that will have the entire theater ringing with laughter.

Multiple activities- last minute rehearsals, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones (lot's of mutual admiring goes on behind the scenes at TAH), killing time, clowning around- occurs before the show begins which brings on its own flurry of events, moments and hilarity. It's a situation that creates a concentration of events big and small, often funny that is a boon to a story teller. 

The November edition of The Thrilling Adventure Hour was enjoyable as ever with the beloved Workjuice Players hosting guests Rob Benedict, Michael McMillian, Jim O'Heir, Tim Omundson, Rich Sommer, Rich Speight Jr., and Brad Whitford. Enjoy the peek into the backstage of The Thrilling Adventure Hour.