Backstage with the Thrilling Adventure Hour

I got a call from Ben Acker early January asking me if I'd be interested in photographing the portraits of the actors appearing at the Thrilling Adventure Hour show at the Largo. Ben Acker and Ben Blacker are the creators and writers of the show, a live reading of skits done in the style of old time radio serials performed by the resident company of actors, the Workjuice players, with guest actors from various sitcoms and movies. This was the second time I photographed the ensemble and it's fun and a challenge. The challenge is photographing a large number of actors with little time and very little space to do so. Oh, and there is a dress rehearsal going on for the show so you can't make too much noise and be otherwise disruptive. Thankfully everybody involved with the show is wonderful and great to work with making the challenges easier to deal with.

And photographing such characters is always so much fun! Talented actors who are so accommodating and are able to put on different personas like putting on hats. This time around, after doing the portraits, I took some candids backstage leading up to the show and after. Enjoy the behind the scenes look at the Jan 10th edition of the Thrilling Adventure Hour".

(portraits to come soon!)