Live @ McCabe's photo Install Time Lapse

I am having a show at the school gallery where I teach photography. There is a wall at a corner of the gallery that is like a dead end, posing a problem in what and how to install photographs. Instead of trying to figure out how to create a sense of continuity with the work that is being presented, I thought I'd do a wall of photos from my "Live @ McCabe's" project presented in a scrapbook/workspace style, a little lagniappe to the show. I always enjoyed looking at collections of photos; selects, outtakes, proofs, etc. presented in this manner. And to have more fun with it, I thought I'd film the install of it.

So here's two hours of installation condensed to 1'23". Enjoy! (You can play your own fast/frenetic/uptempo/headbanging music to soundtrack the video)