A New Start, a new website!

Nell Newman/Newman's Own

Nell Newman/Newman's Own

OK. the first blog post of the year! The first blog post ever, if you really want to get technical. Don't know who will be reading this but with the new year upon us, lets talk about new things.

Even with the typical sense of a fresh start that the first month of the year brings, the beginning of this year has given me a stronger sense of renewal and impetus for change unlike in the years before. Let's see how long this lasts. 

First, a new look for my website. After having used a hosting service provider for several years, I grew tired of its limitation and was happy to find a new service provider who had everything I was looking for. And cheaper to boot! Thanks Kim for the suggestion.

I also would like to introduce a new project-Culinaria. A portrait series of people who are doing important work in the food world; People who produce food, prepare it, or advocate or write about it. These people, such as Nell Newman photographed above are changing the way we understand and interact with food. I have been working on this project for some time now and it has been a joy, I must say, to meet all these wonderful people. Take a look and I hope you'll enjoy the photographs. I certainly enjoyed making them!