AT-Coincidences...Or is it Synchronicity?

Julia King, DC Prep

Julia King, DC Prep

Coincidences...or is it Synchronicity?

I don’t know. I have a hard time distinguishing between the two. Whichever it may be, There were interesting coincidences to note from the DC trip.

1. Julia King, the math teacher at DC Prep grew up in my hometown of Richmond, VA.

2. Amber Walker, the head of media relations at DC prep attended Wellesley and worked with my best friend Aly at the Alumni relations office.

3. As I was leaving DC Prep to go to the second location, “What’s Going On” came on my iPod just as I passed Marvin Gaye Park.

4. Both Julia King and Jennifer Ramsey went to George Washington University.

5. Clint Smith’s high school is one mile from the elementary school I attended when I first immigrated to the States. After finishing the photoshoots for the day, I went by the school and the apartment complex where I lived in for the first three years of our life in America.

6. Lena and I were talking after the East Coast trip, and in our conversation she mentioned that one of her friends is a documentarian, one of her films being “Darkness and Light”, an American Masters profile of the great Richard Avedon. This was the same documentary I assigned one of my photo classes to watch during my absence due to the trip.

What significance do all these coincidence have? What meanings do they hold? Probably nothing. But It’s always fun noting them.