Some of the meals eaten during the course of photographing for AT:

Chashu Pork ramen from Santouka en route to San Diego. Santouka has the best ramen in my opinion. I know of a location in West LA and one in Costa Mesa in Orange County. I discovered that there was a branch somewhere en route to San Diego. Bingo!

Chinese handcut noodles at 101 Noodle Express in Alhambra. mmmm! I never met noodles I didn’t like but this was especially good! served with tender pork in a rich broth. Also had xiao long bao, pork dumplings with broth inside.

Bahn Mi sandwiches in San Diego, Orange County and East Palo Alto. How is it that bahn mi sandwiches are so cheap when they’re so good? Wait, maybe I don’t want to know!

Driving back up from San Diego, found out there is a 101 Noodle Express location in Irvine. WHAT?! And I’d be there around rush hour? Well, call me silly but guess where I ate?  

An absolutely fantastic Roasted Koji Chicken dinner at Bar Tartine in San Francisco.

A HUGE serving of Lechon Asado in Miami. Landed in Miami and made a beeline to El Palacio de Los Jugos, a Cuban restaurant I heard good things about. I used my 20- word vocabulary spanish to order; They called me Jackie Chan (“Yackie Chan, Yackie Chan”) I took photos of the ladies working behind the counter. Fun was had by all. The order was so big that I took the leftover for dinner that night and couldn’t finish it even then.

Half of a seven-hours old Chipotle carnitas burrito bought in Miami, flattened from the flight, and a power bar during the 2 ½ hrs drive to Aikens from the airport in the middle of the night. Because I didn’t want to stop. Because I just wanted to go to bed and because the only choices were fast food chains. Perhaps the low point in my dining experience during the project.

Pork Bar-B-Que sandwich in South Carolina. Unfortunately couldn’t find a good one during the whirlwind trip. Yelp let me down on this one.  

Philly Cheese steak sandwich for the drive to BWI and a pork sandwich for the flight home from John’s Roast Pork. When in Rome…first time in Philly so I HAD to get a philly cheese steak. right?! Great sandwiches! The folks at John’s Roast Pork really know what they’re doing.

Sorry you animal lovers out there but lots of pigs were sacrificed during this trip.