Portrait Gallery from Good Food Awards 2016

The sixth annual Good Food Awards was held at the Fort Mason Art Center on January 15-17. I attended as I was honored to have my "Culinaria" project shown as the featured exhibition during the Awards weekend. 

During the GFA Mercantile, open to the industry professionals, and GFA Marketplace, open to the public, I took portraits of some of the crafter participants, staff, volunteers, luminaries and friends who stopped by the pop up photo studio. 

It was a fun couple of days meeting old friends and making new ones; and to photograph them in a wonderful room filled with incredible light! Here are some of the portraits, presented in the order they were taken. I hope you enjoy the portraits as much as I did in creating them.

Special thanks to Sarah Weiner, Christine Schantz and Maile Hatfield who graciously allowed me to interrupt their million tasks on hand and entertain my requests, the fantastic staff and volunteer of GFA who helped me greatly during the week and the many wonderful people who gave their time for the portrait sessions.