Nicole, Director of Life Science, Years Climbing: 13

I climb to feel grace and beauty. To push myself. To overcome fear. And, of course, because it’s 100% addictive.    

I've been climbing since 2004 when I met my (now) husband Laurent.  He’s been my personal coach and climbing partner ever since.  

When Laurent and I lived in Europe, we’d come back to the States for vacation and stay for weeks in Bishop, CA. It was long trips like that where I managed to do harder projects (like Junior’s Achievement in the Buttermilks). On one of those trips I was invited to my first (and only) dumpster dive dinner with some climbers we met. It was quite good in fact (!)  

I like crimps and flags. I’m light, flexible, have narrow fingers (good for crimps), and manage to lock off pretty well with my small biceps.

My goal in climbing is to stay on the rock as long as possible.