Laurent, Physicist, Years Climbing: 17

Climbing provides me a lot of peace of mind, and I need this.

I started climbing I think in 2000, if I remember correctly.

I’ve experienced bouldering, highball bouldering, sport climbing, ice climbing and one time traditional climbing (scary). My favorite is sport climbing, because it’s a good compromise.

...Checkerboard (Bishop), Soul Slinger (Bishop), and La Baleine (Fontainebleau, Petit Bois)...

I try to do everything, if I can, except jumping. I’m better with crimps, but I don’t really care. I like slopers more and more, less traumatic for my fingers.

I’m mentally strong I think, and I have a good ability for instant reading of the climb.

No ambitions.  No goals. Just keep climbing as long as I can.