KJ, Store Manager-Lululemon, Years Cliimbing: 3 years

Climbing = Playing. I climb because I get to problem solve routes while hanging out with my friends. Climbing is mentally and physically stimulating and forces me to think outside the box.

I felt like trying something new one day, signed up for the intro to climbing class at LAB, and here I am 3 years later.

Bouldering scares the shit out of me, which is why I love it so much. There is no safety net, it’s just you, the rock, and the moment. Bouldering is special because although you acknowledge all the scary hearts of the climb, you choose to do it anyway. And at that point, you’re not just a better climber, you’re a better human.

My most memorable climbing experience was the first time I climbed outside. Everything about Bishop was (and is) incredible, but the people, my friends, are what made it special. I had (still have) complete-100%-without-a-doubt-trust in them, which made the try hard so real. Knowing they had my spot, I made bigger moves and got some first time sends in the Milks. Trusting them made me a better climber and to this day, I climb my best with them. #bishop1.0

The way I see it, there are two types of holds:  good ones and shitty ones. I really like the good ones but I appreciate the latter because they make me work harder and they get my brain thinking differently. As for favorite moves, I appreciate flagging the most. Yes, it’s the simplest move but it makes a world of difference for every climb.

Of course, I want climb better and harder but really, I just want to move well when I’m older. What I appreciate the most about climbing is that it teaches body awareness, body weight control, and promotes core stability.