Michael Pollan's connection to the Pig Roast


This portrait of Michael Pollan was taken in 2012. During the photoshoot he told me a new book of his was coming out where he learned to cook from four chefs (three of whom were photographed for the Culinaria project). That book was "Cooked". I read with great interest the first section on North Carolina whole hog slow roasted BBQ.

Since I was a kid, I had a general fascination with whole pig roasts. When you roast a pig, it's always for a joyous occasion. (When have you ever seen a somber pig roast?) And the party is always big. You never have a pig roast for a party of four. And coming from a small family, that seemed cool! But I never went to a pig roast. Reading Michael's account of slow roasting whole hogs and watching the Francis Mallman episode of "Chef's Table" spurred my interest in pig roasts to another level. And now here we are.

I get to scratch my itch with a pig roast. I get to see old friends and new ones. You get to eat a delicious meal from some of the best chefs and we get to raise funds towards the completion of the Culinaria project. A situation where everyone comes out a winner. I hope you can make it to the roast on Sept 9th! And tell your friends.

Eventbrite page for the tickets are: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/culinaria-fundraiser-pig-roast…