Photos from the Culinaria Fundraiser Pig Roast


Well, after months of planning, the Culinaria Fundraiser Pig Roast finally happened! We got the pig on the spit. The weather was beautiful (The week before, it was above 100. The day of the roast was a pleasant mid 70s!) People came, some off the streets (I met my goal of number of attendees). They were wonderful and supportive of the project. Chef Mateo did a hell of job roasting the pig. I felt the love. And we ate some great food! My only regrets are that I did not get to talk to everyone who came and I wish I took more pics! Oh well! the common lament of a photographer, I guess.

Thank yous go out to (in no particular order):

  • Faun Skyles
  • Marissa La Brecque
  • Sarah Weiner, Christine Schantz, Sam Putman, and Annalena Barrett of Good Food Foundation
  • Iso Rabin and Matt Johansen of Forage Kitchen
  • Patrick Martins, Catherine Greeley and Emily Pearson of Heritage Food USA
  • Chef Mateo Granados of Cocina Latina
  • Tia Harrison of Sociale
  • Candace Lewis
  • Angelo Garro
  • Hunter Leese and Casey Sasser of Fort Point Beers
  • Chris Brockway and Bridget Leary of Broc Cellars
  • Dave McLean of Magnolia Brewery
  • Anne Walker and Kris Hoogerhyde of Bi Rite Creamery
  • Judy Tan of Q Soo Tonics
  • Cindy Daniel and Doug Lipton
  • Quincey and Dan Imhoff
  • Michael Dimock

Thank you! and Thanks to all who came and made it such a festive evening! A heartfelt gratitude to all!