Watkins Family Hour at Largo

On February 15, Sean and Sara Watkins hosted another Watkins Family Hour show at Largo at the Coronet.

For about ten years running, Sean and Sara Watkins have hosted the “Watkins Family Hour” show at the Largo at the Coronet here in LA. The audience attending Watkins Family Hour will hear original songs, country music, old-time three-part harmony bluegrass, music hall jazz tunes, traditional folk songs, Gospel, reels, jigs and any other kinds of music Sean and Sara and their band feel up to playing that night.

In addition to their cracker jack band, Sean and Sara are joined every show by their friends from the various musical circles the siblings are part of. Unannounced prior to the show, the guest artists provide a fun element of surprise and chance to each show.

Oh, and the cracker jack band? On piano, Benmont Tench. On pedal steel,Greg Leisz. On bass,  Sebastian Steinberg. And on drums, Don Heffington. Within the group is a rock n roll Hall-of-Famer and a Heartbreaker, a future HoF-er, sidemen to countless A-list musicians, session players on numerous extraordinary albums. The four gentlemen have collectively changed and moved the needle on the direction of popular music countless times over several decades.    

For the February edition of the WFH, the siblings were joined by their long time friends and WFH regulars, Fiona Apple, Glen Phillips and Jackson Browne. The show took place the night after Valentine’s Day which got the musicians speaking about love; real and imagined, true and manufactured. Sean spoke of how it was Glen that got them to start playing at Largos. He spoke of how lucky he is that he’s able to listen to a Jackson Browne track one day and several days later suggest to the man himself that they play it. Sara and Fiona talked of shooting presidents. Ummm….you had to be there.

I had the honor of photographing the show. Here are some images from the night. Enjoy!

The next Watkins Family Hour show will be on March 25th. For lovers of great music, there will be no better place to be.