Sean Watkins at McCabe's Guitar Shop

Sean Watkins played a show at McCabe's Guitar Shop on Jan 30th to wrap up his west coast tour supporting his wonderful solo album "All I do Is Lie". Even at his young age, Sean is a veteran of the music scene; member of the modern bluegrass trio Nickel Creek, the host of the long running "Watkins Family Hour" with his sister Sara, one half of the duo Fiction Family, touring with Lyle Lovett, etc.

This time around, he took a step into the spotlight showcasing his solo work.


For the tour, he was accompanied by Dominique Arciero on vocals and guitar, Tyler Chester on bass, vocals and keyboard, and Mark Stepro on drums.

Tyler multi-tasking.

For several songs, Sean went electric.

And the sound was delivered via an old school Supro amp.

In the middle of the set, while Sean played solo, Tyler and Mark took this time to check out the photo walls illustrating McCabe's presenting live music for 50+ years.

Dominique had a chance to present a song of hers.

Jackson Browne came out to offer moral support. Though Sean played at McCabe's many times before, this was his first time as the headliner and he was happy with the show.

With the show done and the pressure over with, Sean and the band relaxes hanging out with friends and meeting fans. Here, Sean is talking with Lincoln, the concert manager of McCabe's

Sean will be on stage next at the Watkins Family Hour on February 15th then will take his solo tour to the East. Check out his tour dates by visiting his site

Live @ McCabe's photo Install Time Lapse

I am having a show at the school gallery where I teach photography. There is a wall at a corner of the gallery that is like a dead end, posing a problem in what and how to install photographs. Instead of trying to figure out how to create a sense of continuity with the work that is being presented, I thought I'd do a wall of photos from my "Live @ McCabe's" project presented in a scrapbook/workspace style, a little lagniappe to the show. I always enjoyed looking at collections of photos; selects, outtakes, proofs, etc. presented in this manner. And to have more fun with it, I thought I'd film the install of it.

So here's two hours of installation condensed to 1'23". Enjoy! (You can play your own fast/frenetic/uptempo/headbanging music to soundtrack the video)